18 things 2018 taught me


18 things 2018 taught me. 



With 2019 just around the corner I thought about the many ways I could end 2018 on a good note. I thought about everything that had happened throughout the year, the good and bad things, and I put together 18 things that 2018 taught me to thank the year as it ends and to start 2019 with a good mindset. So thank you next, 2018 :)


1. Be grateful for what you have 


This one does seem very basic, but through the hard times this year I learned to be thankful for the things that I'm privileged to have. I learned that the more grateful I am for things, the happier I am. 


2. Never assume someone's character with your past experiences. 

I've always assumed that my past experiences with people will shape the way people are, so when a situation that seems familiar starts again with a different person, I contemplate the ways in which this person or experience will be similar to the past. This one is tricky and I'm still learning how to stop assuming someone's personality by comparing to the people or experiences I have had in the past.  



3. People will always judge you, it says more about them than you. 

This one has never been a major issue to me, however, as teenagers, we tend to listen to what people say about us. People will always have something to say, as long as you know who you are, it doesn't matter what anyone else assumes about you. 


4. Sometimes life challenges you to do things you never imagine yourself doing. 

This one right here is very important to me. I never imagine myself feeling confident enough to publish my personal thoughts on a website. I never imagined myself starting triathlon. Some things have such a strong impact on your life that they change you, they make you feel better, happier than you've ever been. That's a triathlon for me.



5. Don't take it personally

This one seems easy but is quite difficult. Ever had someone say "no offense but.." and of course because you're human, you've taken it personally? When someone says something to hurt you or do something to hurt you, don't take it to heart and bury. It's not your fault, some people occasionally say things they may or may not mean. If you take it to heart the only person you're hurting is yourself. 



6. People can change you for the better or worse. Choose carefully 

This one took me a while to understand, to even notice. One person could have such a big impact on you, it's not their fault it's yours. When you get influenced, it changes the way you talk, to way you think and the people you surround yourself with. Deep inside, you know you've changed for the worse and you know why. Always surround yourself with people who make you a better person, who challenge you and correct you out of love. 


7. Your gut is always right

Ever had that feeling in your heart to do something? Not your head but your heart? Or even to not do something? That's your gut, and if it's telling you to do something or not to do something it's for your own good, listen to it. 



8. Never speak poorly of yourself, it has a bigger impact than you think

We all struggle with this one. I can't even count the number of times I've called myself stupid, without even noticing. It is scientifically proven that when you speak to yourself, commenting rude things, your brain starts to believe it and well, there goes your self-esteem. We're all human and if you're saying that you've never spoken poorly to yourself you're lying I still struggle with this one and being human I will for the rest of my life, but acknowledging it and trying to stop it, will improve it. 


9. Admitting to your mistakes is a sign of strength not weakness 

Someone once took my apology as a joke, made me regret ever apologizing for a mistake I had made but I have learned now that it was for the better because when you apologize you're willing to let go of yourself, to be vulnerable, to admit that you were wrong. Not a lot of people can do that, it makes you strong. I now understand that if a person can't accept your apology or makes a joke of it, its because they can't let go of it themselves. 


10. You're one decision away from a completely different life 

This one is my favorite because if you think about it, its quite scary. Although everything happens for a reason, you are in control of the way you do things, the way you treat people and the way you let others treat you and at any second one decision could control the entire life you have ahead, that's why you have to listen to your gut. You're reading this for a reason, take this to heart. 



11. Patience is like a muscle, you must continue to strengthen it

I am probably THE most impatient person on the planet, anyone I know could tell you. I'm still struggling with this but I've learned that the more patient I am, the better the result will be once I finally attain it. The more patient I become the more grateful I am. 


12. You are rich and poor, it just depends whom you compare yourself to. 

Don't be greedy, don't be needy. Be content with what you have, that is true happiness. 


13. If they can do it so can you. 

So we've established that I do sports and one thing that always comes to my mind, especially during a triathlon is "Its okay if you're slower then them, they've been doing it for longer than you". THIS.IS.AN.EXCUSE. If you want something bad enough, you are capable of working so hard for it, it wouldn't matter how long someone else has been working for it. I always have to remind myself that if they can do it there is NO reason I shouldn't be able to. 


14. The people you surround yourself with, create the person you are

This one is so important. The people you surround yourself with, portray and create the person you are. I have had experience and I can tell you that no matter how hard you try to neglect it, its true. It's like the food you eat, they make up how healthy you are. Better to be healthier or surrounded by people that lift you up. 


15. The toughest challenge you face is your mind when it's telling you to quit.

Everyone comes across a time when your mind is overpowering your body, a time when you've quit and if you're like me you've regretted it very much. It happens and it will happen again. Next time you tell yourself, "It's okay you're tired" or "I'm not good at this, there is no point" remind yourself the feeling you got when you quit something you loved last time. Be strong, the strongest thing is overcoming your own negative thoughts. Don't quit. Don't give up when it gets tough, push through, and get it done to your best ability. This applies to anything in your life. 


16. "Forgive and forget"  

Another really basic one that I have finally grasped. I now understand that if you want to move on, to be happier its easiest to forgive and forget someone. 



17. Stop jumping to conclusions, you don't know what's going in someone's mind.

This one is self-explanatory and although I've put it on things I've learned, it is still a work in progress.  



18.  "Believers are achievers"

This one is important, the more you believe you can do something the higher you have a chance of achieving it. If you think from the beginning you won't be able to, you'll never try and then you'll never achieve it. Stop doubting your abilities, is what I've learned. If you believe you can do something you will. 

Thank you for the memories and lessons 2018. 

See you never! 


Giovanna xxx.