what it's like to be a girl 

Being a girl. What is it like? I'll tell you what it's like. 

Being a girl can be tough... 

It's fearing questionable men and boys when at the beach, pool, bar, grocery store, school, work etc. 

It's being taught that boys are mean to you because they like you and they are simply 'hiding their feelings' behind awful remarks.  

It's being laughed at when standing up for your rights

It's being fetishized when wearing shorter skirts or dresses. 

It's being sexually diminished and talked about constantly, from an early age. 

It's being seen as an instrument to help the perception of men 

It's being commented on while walking down the street

It's having to say no multiple times and sometimes not even succeed at being left alone

It's being called rude when not entertaining the manner in which boys act

It's being asked 'is it that time of the month?' when you're in a bad mood. 

It's being told your worth is measured by how good of a girlfriend or wife you are

It's being called a slut for what you're wearing or how many people you've been with

but being a girl is powerful...

it's being a leader and starting a change in the world

it's being creative and bold 

it's being helpful and kind but all the more demanding and firm

it's using our voices and making them as loud as possible

it's demanding our rights when they aren't given to us

it's being relentless and not given up even when we are being lessened

it's being educated and smart

it's being a game-changer

it's being the CEO of a company 

it's being a speaker, an amplified voice

it's being proud of who you are

it's being a life-giver

it's being strong, fast and courageous 

it's being helpful 

it's being a boss

it's being a hero of our own story (who needs a prince anyway, it's the 21st century) 

it's being a winner

it's becoming a mother

it's working day and night

it's providing while changing the world

it's loving endlessly 

it's being a world-class athlete or the president

it's being a badass 

it's wearing strength and bravery as a sundress

being a girl is never something to be ashamed of.