My name is Giovanna...



Hii! Welcome to my website !

I'm Giovanna, but most of the time people either call me Gi or Gio. I'm seveteen, a november baby, born in Nice, France and raised in Dubai. 

It's difficult to desrcibe who you are through a screen, to people you can't see, but I'll try my best. 

Here are some of the basics; My dad is American, my mom french, which makes me both. I lived in France until the age of 4 before moving to Dubai, where I was raised for 11 years until returning home to France :) 



Besides the everyday tik-tok obsession, criminal minds watching, iced coffee drinking, arctic monkey-listening, picture taking, journal writing, collage making and school attending girl, I have a website which you've landed on. I write all sorts of things, share a variety of thoughts, pictures and positive messages. 

I have an obsession which chocolate milkshakes and 80's music. I write to share my point of view and push others to do the same, all the while staying knowledgeable and open-minded. I have two incredible, travel thirsty and hard working parents, who have fed me this drive to travel. Over the years, I've traveled to over 25 countries and plan to travel as much as I can (like most of us) !! 

I don't have a favourite color but if I had to choose the coolest I'd choose electric blue. I am incapable of picking my favourite artists (music wise) there's WAY to much variety.  I am a sucker for puppies and sunsets. I  don't read as much as I wish I did and spend an excessive amount of  time making incredible detailed spotify playlists and spend most weekends baking! I take pictures of anything and everything that makes me happy. 

I wish I could share everything about me, but it would take too long and everyone knows that no one has the patience to read a five paragraph text nowadays. So, I'll leave you to find out more through this site! 

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