"be yourself" bullshit.

We've always been told to just be ourself, to be who we are with no regrets. How can we? How can you just be yourself?


You cannot be yourself because you are not yourself.


For a long time, I lived to be myself, only to realise that you never truly know who you are, because there is no such thing as “being yourself”.


The truth is. We cannot just ‘be ourselves’ because we are much more than that; we are a collection of other people. ‘We are mosaics of everyone we’ve ever loved, everyone we’ve ever crossed paths with’. We are all walking museums, filled with the art people in our lives have created of us.


That stranger that influenced you into walking more confidently just by strolling down the street, that barista who’s coffee you’ve always tried to recreate, that loved one’s smile that pushed you into smiling more, that book that your friend passed onto you which had been previously passed on by 100 different strangers, that first love that tore you apart just to bring you together again, your best friends humour that’s rubbed off on you, the movie that had you walking out feeling like a brand new person…


All these experiences, these people who’ve influenced you, who have made you, you.

You are not YOU, you are an infinite amount of things, people.


We are all collections of puzzle pieces of others’ lives, walking around fitting those pieces perfectly into other puzzles.


How could you be alone if you are simultaneously all the people you’ve met.


You are an entire universe.


But you are NOT just you.









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