Moby Dick -  Melville


I bet you never knew that Starbucks was named after this book. The chief's mate in this novel is named Starbuck . Taking the Starbucks logo as a mermaid is a way of showing that it represent the peqod.


For years I had it on my bucket list, it was time to read it. This novel isn't just a fictional story, it's a metaphor and poetry mixed in old english . Reading it was a little tough. There were moments where I despised it and moments where the world around me muted and I was in it along with all the crazy characters and the crazy tales. What a lot of people don't know about this book is that it's not about the whale (Moby Dick) but about the crazy obsession over getting revenge.


Ahab is the captain of the Peqod (the ship) his one true goal in life is to get revenge on the great white whale after losing his leg in an accident where she *as in Moby dick* was protecting herself. . Ever since he's been blaming this whale and causing himself to make an fixation over an accident that happened over self defense. His negative feelings end up consuming him. What I've learned from this story is that letting your negative feelings get in the way can end up consuming you.


  • “Vois Moby Dick ne te cherche pas. C’est toi, toi qui la cherche follement”  


Translated to


  • “See Moby Dick isn't looking for you. It's you, you who is looking for her crazily”


These few sentences in the end of this novel really struck me. They made me think about how this obsession over the whale is just as big as any fixation people have nowadays.


Let's take into consideration for example social media. I get asked all the time, “Do you think I should post this on Instagram?”, “Have you seen how many likes she has on her posts?” “ I wish I had that many followers” Is that what really matters in life, the amount of people who like you or your photos or who follow you. The obsession our society has on being liked is completely insane to me. Why do you feel the need to have people you will never talk to, like you? What's the point? We could all be different and have something different to say, we would all be more interesting but it's hard at our age. We feel like no one understands us, the same way that Ahab feels about his mates and the whale quest.  Everyone wants to be liked, the thing is, not everyone is going to like you and if you obsess over it, you'll never be satisfied.


This quest was aimed at finding this whale (happiness) but ended up being a quest motivated by anger and making everyone around him suffer. That is why, Starbuck the chiefs mate was is my favorite character , he knew all along that this wasn't just a quest for the whale. It was for revenge and he always knew the consequences and it never affected him. He was different.


I took out a lesson from reading this; Ahab let himself consume over his obsession and if I let my most positive dreams turn into fixations I'll end up being tormented and filled with disappointment.


The real quest is happiness and being successful in what you love and finding the people who love you for who you are and not what you want to come off as.


What about you, do you think your biggest dreams in life are becoming an obsession?

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