a call to action

NOTICE: All sentences written in parentheses are dreams that have been shared with me. 



"I want to glorify God and do something of my life that isn't mediocre"



Dreams, what are they exactly?


Some of us were born in an environment where we were inspired to pursue our objectives while others were told dreams are meant to stay in your head.


"You are a dreamer, it will never happen" 



There are two dreamers in our world.


1. The go-getters


2. The sideliners


Which one are you going to be?


Think of life as a giant game, think of your brain as a coach. Would you let your coach tell you that you are not good enough or would you prove to them that you are much more then they think? 


The Go- Getters- 


The go-getters are those players that were once on the sidelines, the ones who went out of their way to prove that they are capable of playing. They showed dedication and got rewarded for it. We all know people like this. Think of them, think of how they were once dreamers.


The Sideliners-


The Sideliners are the players that stay on the bench and stay silent, they don't push themselves but stay in their comfort zones even if they want it the most. They always have an excuse and watch the go-getters achieve and they aspire to be like that but never try.  


“I want to make a positive significant change in someone's life”





What is doubt? Who is doubt? 


Doubt is that voice in your head that tells you that you're not good enough and you never will be. It's that voice that says "look that person is much better, why do you even try?" It's that voice, that kept millions of people from achieving what they wanted most. Its that voice, that always manages to bring you down when you're happy and its that voice that you wish you didn't listen to but you do. For now, at least. If you're like me, you aspire to be people who don't listen to that voice but I've realized that everyone listens to the complaining it reminds you but some people make it their motivation. Their motivation is that voice, to prove that they are capable of anything they set themselves up for. 



“I want to live in NYC, earn a good amount of money and travel the world“





If you want that dream it's going to cost you. You are going to have to give all that you've got. You have to want it with every bone in your body. 


“I want to travel the world”




It's going to be challenging but what isn't in life? Do the work.


“ I want to be an actress so I can look back on everyone who made fun of me and realize that it doesn't matter”




There are going to be ups and downs but remind yourself why your doing this and remember that it will be all worth it in the end. 


“I want to be happy”



I received a whole bunch of dreams that I need to include in this chapter, I've included a few in the text but here are some more. To the people who sent me these dreams, make them happen. Create the life you dream of living and then live it. 


"My dream in life is to be genuinely happy”


“I want to be a professional tennis player”


“I want to be an Interior designer”


“I want to be a chef or gamer”


“I want to do performing arts”


“I want to be a drummer”


"I want people to trust me"


A  big thank you to everyone who reads this, you are making my dream come true.