not only kind but eco-friendly

Jungle Straws is a UK based company challenging more modern products and production and fighting for the environment. They produce eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable products that are not only benefiting the health and wellbeing of our planet but are also very cute! 

Why should you be using straws? 

I've always loved using straws, I found that I drunk more water when doing so but after doing some research I found that there are many positive attributes to using straws. Straws allow you to drink more water at once, meaning when you are sucking in water from a glass through a straw you absorb more and therefore drink more. This causes you to finish a drink quickly and logging more. 

Why should you be using REUSABLE straws?

Unless you live under a rock, you would probably know that plastic straws are incredibly poor for the environment. Plastic straws are nondegradable, meaning they don't break down naturally and therefore last a VERY long time. It is a big effect that leads back to our own wellbeing. Companies such as Jungle Straws work on changing this momentum. 

Why Jungle Straws??

Jungle straws are one of those companies that truly want to change the way our planet is treated. Their straws are made from bamboo which is 100% sustainable, long during, and naturally antibacterial. The company doesn't believe in waste and therefore used a full stock of bamboo to cut, sharpen, and form their straws. When becoming vegan I wanted to change the way I used plastic, I was always using straws and I realized that to support the environment I could no longer use plastic straws. I searched for the best company and came across Jungle Straws.  They took a chance on a teenage girl with 30 followers and I think that that shows a lot about where their heart lies with their buyers and I instantly fell in love with their company for that. Their response, kindness, and generosity. 

So thank you Jungle straws, for trusting me and believing me, it helped me start up my account in a way where I felt confident that brands like yours exist. 



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