new zealand


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A trip I'll never forget. 

In the month of December 2015 my parents surprised my older sister and me on a trip to what my family calls 'paradise'. My parents have loved this country and long to live and retire there and after visiting the country I can confirm it's beauty. 




Our adventure overseas began like any other; a long plane ride. My excitement was so high that looking back I don't remember the plane ride there or back home. Upon arrival, we stayed in our first Airbnb home, my dream home. A beautiful house located on the ocean, it was cozy and the owner soon made us feel at home. Living in Airbnb homes is what really gave meaning to trip, getting to immerse myself in the lifestyle of others living here. A lifestyle that I one day dream to live myself. We took a road trip around Aukland, Wellington, and the South Islands. It was exceptional. On Christmas Eve we stayed in a beautiful little farm in the mountains in the center near Lake Taupo, the owners had prepared such an incredible home for us, giving us freshly baked bread for the morning. I felt at home. Throughout the trip, we visited the southern Islands and spent days in the sun and cooling water. Trying out different wines at the 'Cloudy Bay' winery (my parent's personal favorite ;) Or even taking a through the Waitomo caves.  





Our road trip started in Aukland to Hamilton, Rotura all the way to Wellington passing through the lower and upper hut, Napier Hastings, Gisborne and Tauranga,