'no shortcuts'

There are two roads in life.

Two paths that we are to choose from the minute we wake up.


The Success Road-


This road is for those who are patient. The ones who want it the most and do it to their fullest potential.

They end up with the results they were looking for, no matter how long it takes.


They know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and all the patience they proceed to give will pay off in the end.


They know that with hard work and determination they will succeed.


The Shortcut -


We all tell ourselves that this is the best option, it will give us results quicker and we will be happier faster. Do you want to be happy for a lifetime or for a short period? This road doesn't have promises, some end up the most unhappy people. We think that everything that something is reachable and easy to get,  is the best option but it's not.

Think of it like this, you are to choose between two phones one that you can get now and is cheaper but doesn't guarantee anything, or one that is more expensive and you'd have to wait to get it. however, it promises to last for a long time.


Which do you choose? Would you rather take the one that will end up making you more annoyed than you first were or the one you have to wait for but will end up enjoying more?

The roads are like this and the reason why most of us are unhappy with ourselves is that we choose the easy way and don't achieve things to our fullest potential.


While choosing the quicker way we betray ourselves. We tell ourselves we'll be happier faster but inside we know that we won't. The only key to happiness is patience.  Don't choose the shortcut tomorrow morning or any morning, take a long way and put your patience to the test.