where to begin?

This was one of the most memorable and enjoyable trips I have taken. Once again, it was a road trip. I guess my family really enjoys going on road trips, it allows us to visit every corner of the country, seeing views not usually considered when traveling. My family and I are not classic tourists, when visiting a country we want to make sure that we are getting to know the culture, understanding the country a little better in order to really experience it. This is why for most of our family travels we stay in Airbnb's, to get that familiarity of being at home yet being in someone else's, a local possibly but certainly a citizen's home. Being able to see what their daily life consists of, this helps us get the full experience of the trip, and personally, it is one of my favorite parts of any travel.  

Upon our arrival, we rented a car in order to travel through the country, as soon as we got in the car our journey began. It was a mess at first, getting our location, we used GPS, our phones, maps anything, you name it, we used. We had arrived at Oslo, the capital first, and spent a few days there. Visiting art museums, dining in incredible restaurants, walking around to visit different areas. Then we once again hit the road, this time packing for a bit of a longer journey. We stopped in food chains to enjoy some lunch along the way and occasionally take photos. We stayed in a beautiful home along a fjord bank, it was magical. We enjoyed some light dinner by the water while admiring the view, it is incredible to think all of these beautiful places bring you joy and experience just by existing. It is like that with people too.


Sleeping in bunk beds, doing the dishes with a backyard hose, and waking up to a sun that never set. All of it was an adventure. My dad deciding to swim in the freezing fjord water, from one end to the other, being watched by Norwegian fishermen. What a trip. 

But it didn't stop there. 

We continued our road trip, this time driving through these beautiful steep mountains and waterfalls. Getting to experience the cold breeze flowing through the air as we stopped to stand below the waterfall, the water whizzing through our hair. It was an experience I will never forget. 

During the trip, we got the pleasure to hop on a Norwegian yacht with all you can eat marine buffet (clearly this way before I was vegan), I enjoyed some incredible cucumber sushi and more. My father, he enjoyed the crab a lot, and by a lot I mean he took full advantage of the 'all you can eat' label and ate as if he'd never be eating again. It was a day of enjoyable food and getting to travel through the beautiful Norwegian waters. 

Towards the end of a trip, we stopped at the bottom of the high hiking point and decided that it would be fun to hoke up. It took up four hours and we were rained on, making it all the more fun. Seeing sheep along the way as we hiked up and they walked down. For a girl living in Dubai, being in nature made me so happy, and getting to experience a small amount of snow was incredible. Even if the snow wasn't falling, being able to put my tiny hands against the freezing surface was something I had been dreaming of forever.