one of a kind

Written by: Giovanna Ragsdale 2018

Killer whale.jpg

Look at this pitiful place, I’m not meant for this jail cell. I was meant to breathe the salty air of the ocean, not your chemical compounded pool you lock me into. Look at what you’ve done to my beautiful skin as soft as the warmth your heart feels when you receive your paycheck for my hard work. My lungs push and push as I try to continue breathing but the space I’m in is suffocating my patience and I can no longer pretend that I don’t miss the ocean. The peaceful and quiet bliss I felt before you took me out. My stomach screams as loud as the cheers I’m rewarded. You don’t feed me enough. You pretend and pretend to care but I am nothing but a money-making toy to you. I am encaged in an environment that lowers my fins, every day I hope that you will take me out of my misery. You don’t. You keep me unhappy, unfed, and suffocated and I am officially standing up. I am tired of not being respected, I am just as important to your business as the workers are, without me your park is just upsetting. People come to see me, and my tricks. Without my entertainment you’re nothing. Keep me healthy if you want me to perform, give me a bigger space with some friends and family. I need true love and not the lust you have for the money I bring you. Take care of me, my rights are just as important as yours. I’m one of a kind.