vegan stir-fry


Why order online when you can make a fresh vegan version at home?

ingredients: for one family serving meal 


- 2tbsp of vegan butter (For cooking) 

- 1 head of broccoli 

- 4 Mushrooms

- 2 Zucchinis

- 1 can of canned corn 

- 200g of rice noodles (I used the 'Ayam' brand. 

- Veggie minced meat 

- Soja sauce

- Ginger, garlic and chili pepper sauce (I used the 'Ayam' brand) 

- Worcestershire sauce 


1. To start, melt two tablespoons of butter in a large cooking pan or wok over a medium heat stove.

2. Add the vegan minced meat and cook until they are gently fried

3. Cut up your vegetables and add them to the wok, one a time, leaving time in between for each of them to cook nicely. 

4. Cook the vegetable for a light golden look but still allowing them to have that crunchy, fresh feeling, not overcooking them into soft legumes. 

5. Boil water in a separate cooking bowl. When bubbles appear, add your rice noodles. Leave to cook for the appropriate time (it is supposedly on the cover of your used brand). Rinse out and add to the vegetables. 

6. Gently turn over the noodles with the vegetables so they are continuously mixed.

7. Add your favored amount of the garlic, chili pepper, ginger sauce. I added around 2tbsp to give it enough spice. 

8. Add the Worcestershire sauce to your liking, I used 1 tbsp

9. Add the soy sauce and mix well with the vegetables. 

10. Leave to cook for a few minutes with a covered top and serve in bowls/plate.